Bespoke training costs in the UK: 

Cost per trainer: 

  • £450 for a half day, includes travel costs and overnight accommodation.
  • £600 for a whole day, includes travel costs and overnight accommodation, dinner and breakfast.


The training that we provide is bespoke and tailored to the individual needs of the child, parents and school. Certain aspects may have a more focus depending upon on the specifically identified needs.

Early Years Workshops
  • Early Years Skills Development Birth – 5 yearsProvides information supporting early development through interaction and play and how this influences knowledge and understanding; social development; independence and early self-help skills including mealtimes, dressing and undressing, toileting, following rules and routines etc. Also covers the development of communication and speech and language skills including beginning to teach early reading skills and the development of early number concepts and skills.
  • Developing Fine Motor and early emergent writing skills. (Early years and KS1) Looking at strategies and resources to develop the physical side of pre writing skills – strength, hand–eye coordination and dexterity followed by strategies to develop early emergent writing skills - letter formation and early spellings.
Primary/Secondary Education - Key Stages 1 - 4
Reading and Language Intervention
Using Practical hands-on Learning activities to Develop Numeracy and Maths Skills for Children with Down Syndrome
Developing Age Appropriate behaviours in Children and young people with Down syndrome
Down Syndrome Training Session Example
Support Session & Twilight Training Example

Training/Support Application

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We also offer bespoke conference packages that include:

Training Consultants:

Cecilie Mackinnon formerly LA Advisory Teacher for Support for Learning Renfrewshire Scotland, Education Officer Down Syndrome Scotland and the Down Syndrome association England, Wales and Northern Ireland

Sandy Alton Former Lead Advisory Teacher for Downs syndrome and Complex Needs Service, SENSS, Oxfordshire LA.

Erica Ford Speech and Language Therapist:

Jane Beadman Education Psychologist:

We can provide

  • One trainer (two or more can be arranged at an additional cost) 
  • A laptop 
  • Certificates of attendance
  • Evaluation form 
  • Choice of free maths or language cd

Organisations provide: 

  • Projector and a screen 
  • Copies of the programme, handouts and; which will be emailed two weeks in advance of the training 
  • Catering and refreshments 
  • Sound amplification (microphone) for the trainer for events with more than 45 participants (for large training events we recommend the programme allows 30 minutes for coffee/tea breaks and one hour for lunch
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